Bruno Wego

Bruno Wego

Founding Engineer

Male, 38 years old


  • I manage cloud service accounts, making sure they are secure, cost-effective, and performance-optimized;
  • I always establish and maintain CI/CD pipelines using Github Actions for our web, mobile, and backend repositories, automating the build, test, and deployment processes;
  • Work closely with the development team to optimize application performance, troubleshoot issues and ensure smooth deployments;
  • I am a strong advocate for containerization using Docker and orchestrate Kubernetes clusters to efficiently deploy and scale applications;
  • To ensure high availability and performance of applications and infrastructure, I implement monitoring and alerting solutions;
  • I have collaborated with a cross-functional team, seeking to streamline the development and launch processes, fostering a culture of continuous improvement;
  • I am committed to staying current with industry best practices and emerging technologies, and I actively recommend and implement innovative solutions to enhance our DevOps practices;
  • As a plus, I have native talent as a designer and build user-friendly interfaces with excellent experience;
  • Native habit of documenting everything I do and keeping myself updated, always looking for better solutions;
  • Excellent communication and leadership skills, with experience in public speaking, content creation, and mentoring.

Active Skills

My curiosity took me a long way. Below are some experiences that I want to highlight.




GitHub ActionsCI/CD


Security TestSAST/DAST
Supply ChainSBOM/SLSA

Observability / Monitoring

Error TrackingSentry



Central Logging

EFK Stack
ELK Stack
Loki Stack
Prometheus Stack



Programming Languages

Shell Script



Message Broker

Apache Kafka






Doc as CodeSDLCMACH AllianceADRAgile Mindset

I Speak

BR FlagPortuguese - Native
US FlagEnglish - C1
ES FlagSpanish - B1

Work Experience

A showcase of companies I collaborated with in building their solutions over the last 10 years

2022/ 2023

ConfidentialPayment Platform

Solution Architect

  • Remote / Contract
  • Golang / Node.js / Kubernetes / Terraform

I spent 6 months building a payment institution from scratch. I was connected to all phases of construction of the platform and was responsible for all technological decisions.

Key Qualifications & Responsibilities

  • Build proposed system design architecture with diagrams;
  • Work with other engineers to improve the reliability and scalability of infrastructure;
  • Establish a monorepo strategy using TypeScript and Golang, allowing for seamless package integration and automatic documentation generation;
  • Develop MVP based on Next.js and NestJS with Domain-Driven Design in a mini-service architecture;
  • Build and manage CI/CD pipelines and play a role in architecting and managing services on AWS with Kubernetes.

Key Achievements

  • I coded the entire infrastructure in Terraform using modules for the cloud provider AWS;
  • I configured all Kubernetes services using Helm and Kustomize;
  • I documented the entire platform using the ADR concept;
  • I guided the team to build secure code with quality;
  • I built boilerplate's with solutions to specific problems, thus passing on knowledge to the team;
  • I proposed existing open source solutions to solve specific problems thus reducing the need for in-house construction;
  • I improved observability and monitoring of webapp through optimized OpenTelemetry integration.
  • I was concerned with controlling costs, always indicating low-cost solutions.
2021/ 2022

Arco Educação

SRE Engineer

  • Remote
  • Kuberentes / Terraform

The largest education platform in Latin America.

I did my best in the process of contributing with the team, both in building and transferring knowledge. Many challenges overcome, and a lot of learning acquired.

Constant contact with pipeline using GitHub Stack (Actions, Packages), ArgoCD (CD), Helm Chart/Kustomize. All services use the AWS infrastructure. Monitoring with New Relic, Alertmanager, Prometheus and Grafana. Provisioning with Terraform.

Key Qualifications & Responsibilities

  • Design, build, and maintain Arco's infrastructure;
  • Lead and contribute to many of the technical projects with the most diverse challengers;
  • Implement all authentication infrastructure using Keycloken as IdP;
  • Monitor Arco's infrastructure and respond to incidents.

Key Achievements

  • I built and maintained a Continuous Delivery pipeline toolchain;
  • I set up observability and operate a multi-tenant, multi-cluster Kubernetes infrastructure with industry-standard uptime SLA;
  • I created collaboratively designed, implemented and supported infrastructure and CI/CD pipelines for a Python and PHP codebase, and with modularized static websites.
2018/ 2021

Banco do Brasil/ Stefanini

DevOps Engineer

  • On-site / Indirect Contract
  • Analytics / MLOps / Kubernetes / DevOps

Banco do Brasil is the second largest bank in Latin America.

I work continuously building infrastructure services on on-premises Kubernetes cluster of Banco do Brasil. Services that assist teams like Big Data (DataOps), Analytics, Data Processing and Machine Learning Models (MLOps). I have constant contact with pipeline using GitLab, Jenkins (CI), SonarQube, ArgoCD (CD), Helm Chart (ChartMuseum / Monocular), Artifactory and Rancher. Provisioning with Ansible and Terraform. Monitoring with Alertmanager, Prometheus and Grafana.

Key Qualifications & Responsibilities

  • Act practically in the various internal challenges of Banco do Brasil;
  • Provide technical support to different teams with different technologies;
  • Provide support for internal private bare-metal infrastructure;
  • Contribute to the development of new features and improvements to infrastructure;
  • Build and maintain MLOps pipelines.

Key Achievements

  • I made the Matomo Analytics tool performative enough for Banco do Brasil's needs;
  • I've worked with hundreds of codebases spanning multiple programming languages and different product teams;
  • I set up CI/CD as code for development teams, making release pipelines faster and more maintainable;
  • I ran performance tests to ensure the site's resilience to millions of daily visits;
  • I created shift-left performance testing with automated environment setup and test run.
2016/ 2018


Solution Architect

  • On-site
  • Ruby / Rails / Ember / AWS / DevOps

I worked directly in the construction of the main platform for legal negotiation. Several aspects of the platform were raised so that it could be built. During a year several goals were achieved reaching the MVP.

Key Qualifications & Responsibilities

  • Developed and maintain the customer facing platform and the internal platform using Ruby on Rails and Ember;
  • Participate in agile development processes, including daily stand-ups, sprint planning, and retrospectives, to ensure the team met project goals and deadlines.

Key Achievements

  • I built a SaaS from scratch to run process-based applications on a fully managed, cost-optimized infrastructure;
  • I improved the efficiency and effectiveness of the development process with the introduction of Ruby on Rails and Ember, resulting in a more streamlined and enjoyable experience for developers.
2015/ 2016

Banco do Brasil/ Stefanini

Full Stack Engineer

  • On-site / Indirect Contract
  • Angular / Node.js / Docker

Banco do Brasil is the second largest bank in Latin America.

I worked on the componentization of dozens of web components of the internal banking system. The solution we developed is used by all bank branches in the country. We deal with performance issues, user experience, service availability and hacker attacks.

We automated all tasks on this project, allowing the entire team to focus on smarter, more cost-effective solutions.

Key Qualifications & Responsibilities

  • Enhance the internal design library by creating reusable Angular components to improve development efficiency;

Key Achievements

  • I implemented dozens of accessibility improvements in the webapp and core components for better usability by all customers;
  • I improved web app response time by 40% by implementing a more efficient approach to rendering components using Angular.
  • I fixed bugs in several systems, including Banco do Brasil's main platform, as well as third-party services and other internal projects.
2014/ 2015

Ministério da Defesa/ CTIS

Software Architect

  • On-site / Indirect Contract
  • PHP / Symfony / DevOps

The Ministry of Defense is one of the most important ministries in Brazil.

I collaborated in the construction of the base architecture of internal platforms in the Ministry of Defense. I guided the entire team to develop secure code using standards such as OWASP, ZTA, CIS Controls, among others.

Key Qualifications & Responsibilities

  • Contribute to a team effort to maintain and rewrite 70% of the entire codebase using a custom MVC architecture, resulting in better application performance and scalability;

Key Achievements

  • I implemented new functionality by creating API endpoints using Symfony Framework (PHP).
  • I worked on programming new frontend features (graphics and interactions), new web components, internal tools, usability, and algorithmic design.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Are you available for an interesting position?

Yes, I definitely have the opportunity at the moment and I am looking for new positions or freelance projects.

What's your hourly rate?

My standard hourly rate is $55 per hour. But I'd be happy to discuss anything between $45 — $55 I'd be happy to talk to you. ;)

Do you have experience with technology?

I am a real hands-on worker and I am constantly experimenting with new techniques and tools. So I'm used to making things my own quickly. Are you looking for very specific skills? Please contact me to see if I can help you with that!

Where are you located? Do you work remotely?

Currently I am living with my family in Goias, Brazil. Drop me a line, come and see it and you will stay here :)

Ok, enough about your work, what do you do when you're not in front of your laptop?

Aside from development, I enjoy spending time with my beautiful wife, our newborn daughter Olivia and our other daughter Helena, playing games remotely with my son Gabriel, or at the gym (I'm trying, don't judge me).